Resources for children with Autism

All families should be referred to Nancy Popkin and Kim Tizzard who are parent advocates employed by the Autism Society of NC (ASNC), 704.894-9678. Their services are free to parents. They offer workshops, parenting classes, and mentoring. Information on the ASNC and the Charlotte Chapter can be found at http://www.autismsociety-nc.org/. ASNC holds monthly meetings and provides several other opportunities for parents to connect throughout the month at various locations around the county. Most of their events feature free childcare.

Children under age 3 years should contact the Carlton Watkins Center. Elaine Aldridge is in charge of the Infant Toddler Program and her number is 704.336.7536.

Children any age who exhibit dangerous behaviors and parents who are in need of respite should seek Community Alternative Program (CAP) Services. They should call Gina Chambers at 704.336.7536. She is also at the Carlton Watkins Center. At this time, Medicaid and most insurances do not cover ABA or respite services. CAP is a great resource for most families. The waiting list for coverage can be extremely long (years) and is based on need and severity.

The Special Needs/Preschool contact person at CMS is Trish Tanger at 980.343.6960.

The special needs person for kindergarten and above is Kathy Fallin at 980.343.6960.