Hearing Aid Services

Our goal is to help everyone communicate to their greatest potential and find flexible hearing solutions that work for your lifestyle and within your budget. Ongoing support will be provided to help you realize the full benefit of your hearing instrument to maximize your communication for an improved quality of life.

Once a hearing loss is identified it is important to have an extensive Hearing Aid Evaluation to determine the best hearing solution.  We guide the family through the process of selecting the best instrument for the individual and then through the fitting and adjustment process.  Each person is unique and requires a different solution to their hearing problems.  Therefore, we offer hearing aids from various manufacturers, in various styles from completely in the canal to the behind the ear instruments.  All hearing aids are digital instruments that use the the latest technology to provide the best possible hearing.

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Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s hearing aids are completely different from the hearing aids our parents or grandparents had to tolerate.  What we once thought was impossible 10 years ago is now possible due to the rapid change in technology. Today’s hearing aids allow for:

    • Improved speech understanding in the presence of background noise with the automatic noise reduction algorithms.
    • Smaller size hearing aids due to the miniaturization of the computer chip.
    • Fully automatic, no more having to turn the aid up and down based on the environment you are in.
    • Excellent control of the annoying “whistle” that everyone else can hear, but the person wearing the aid.
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Wind noise reduction

Hearing Aid Evaluation
Our goal is to give every person the best hearing possible.  The hearing aid evaluation is essential for us to reach this goal.  The professional will sit with the patient, review the hearing loss, review all relevant medical issues that may impact hearing aid use, determine what is most important for the patient to hear in his/her environment, and then determine the best hearing aids possible within the price range the patient has.
Affordable Hearing Solutions
At Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center we strive to provide affordable hearing solutions for everyone. We offer hearing aids on a sliding fee scale that takes into account a persons household income and size (e.g. A family of two earning $45,000/year qualifies for a significant reduction in price). If your income exceeds our sliding fee scale limits, we are proud to offer creative and flexible solutions that will meet every budget. In addition, you can have the peace of mind that by purchasing hearing aids through CSHC your proceeds will go back to help a neighbor in need.
Real Ear Verification Measures
Speech mapping is the form of verification that we use at CHSC.  This is a simple test that requires no response from the patient, but gives us an exact replication of what a person is hearing from their hearing aids.  From this information we can make necessary adjustments to the hearing aids to obtain the best hearing possible.
Hearing Aid Maintenance and Service
Hearing aids require regular maintenance to work properly.  Over time the hearing aid can build up ear wax and debris that will affect the performance of the hearing aid, and in turn decrease the wearers ability to hear his/her best.  CSHC provides regular maintenance on hearing aid at 6 month intervals.  Service includes cleaning of ear mold, retubing (if need), cleaning of the hearing aid, and providing a computerized printout of the hearing aid function.  Maintaining a clean hearing aid is proven to help the aid last longer and in turn decreases the need for expensive repairs.
Custom Ear Molds
Ear molds are available for a number of situations.  We offer custom fit ear molds for swimming, noise protection, musician plugs for monitors or iPod users, and occupational products for dental and broadcasting professionals.
Hearing Aid Styles
The completely-in-the-canal (CIC) style is the least visible hearing aid. This style aid works best for people with a mild hearing loss.

The in-the-canal (ITC) style fits inside the ear canal and provides good benefit for individuals with a mild or moderate hearing loss.

An in-the-ear (ITE) style fits into the contour of the outer ear and extends into the ear canal. These aids are more visible than canal aids and can help people with a greater degree of hearing loss – from mild to moderate or even severe.

The behind-the-ear (BTE) style fits over and behind the ear and requires an earmold in the outer ear that is connected with the hearing aid via tubing. This aid is recommended for all ranges of hearing loss.