Community Impact

    • Each year the Center provides approximately 10,000 services to 3,000 individuals .
    • CSHC is the only agency that provides free mass speech-language and hearing screenings at childcare facilities in Mecklenburg County. Each year we provide approximately 1,000 screenings to preschoolers as well as referral assistance and parent counseling for their families.
    • Our Community Language/literacy program (CLIP) serves over 900 children from underserved neighborhoods each year. This is a pro-active program that provides at-risk children with a strong foundation to build their academic careers on.
    • Our Hearing Services Bank has provided thousands of hearing aids to low-income children and seniors; turning a world of silence and isolation into a world of joy and sound. We also have a sliding fee scale that makes hearing aids affordable for families of all income levels.
    • We provide approximately 750 therapy sessions each month at CSHC. Our Assistance Fund allows low-income families access to high-quality, individual therapy they otherwise couldn’t afford ensuring that the world of communication is open to all.
    • We provide services to families at Charlotte Family Services and the Public Libraries of Charlotte Mecklenburg as well as testing and treatment for school-aged children at Alexander Youth Network, Thompson Children’s Home and Kennedy Charter School.

Fast Facts: #1

Over 40 million Americans are affected by speech-language or hearing disorders.

Fast Facts: #2

Speech language and hearing disorders have been identified as the largest class of handicapping conditions of preschoolers. One out of every 5 of our nation's school-age children suffer from reading failures.

Fast Facts: #3

A majority of all poor readers have an early history of spoken-language deficits. 1 in 10 Americans has some degree of hearing loss.

Fast Facts: #4

Uncorrected hearing loss can lead to social isolation, academic failure and cognitive decline.