Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center (CSHC) was founded by the Junior League of Charlotte in 1967 as the first community speech and hearing center in North Carolina. We became a United Way agency in 1969.

At CSHC we believe communication is the key to connecting with the world. Our mission is to provide a full range of effective, family-centered speech-language and hearing services to everyone in need. Over 40 million Americans are affected by speech-language or hearing disorders. In fact, Speech language and hearing disorders have been identified as the largest class of handicapping conditions for preschoolers.

We are a unique organization that provides high quality services to everyone from senior executives to a single mom struggling to make ends meet. The revenue generated from one individual helps support our community initiatives.

CSHC has four departments: Speech-Language Services, Hearing Services, Development/Marketing and Administration; all overseen by our Executive Director.

Speech-Language Services

Our Speech-Language Services department meets the needs of children in our community in three different ways: Prevention, Identification and Intervention. Our prevention efforts are built around our belief in the ripple effect as we train caregivers to provide language and literacy stimulation for children. Another pro-active component is our identification program. Our SLPS work to identify children with speech-language concerns while also providing referral assistance and parent counseling. Finally, our intervention efforts are broken down into two methods of service: inclusion and direct therapy.  These services take place at our center, in homes and in preschools throughout the area.

Hearing Services

Our Hearing Services department has provided thousands of hearing aids to children, adults and seniors of all walks of life who otherwise would face a disabling communication disorder with many adverse consequences. We have the latest technology and the expertise to meet a variety of needs for all ages. In addition to fitting hearing aids we offer several diagnostic procedures including auditory processing evaluations, as well as a variety of assistive listening devices.

Development & Marketing

The Development & Marketing department works to secure funding through grants, major gifts, planned gifts, individual donations and special events. This department uses innovative ideas to market our mission through media platforms including print, digital, social media and more.  Volunteer programs and observation hours for college students are also coordinated through this department.


This department makes all of our work possible by handling patient support, patient records, billing, financials and office management.

Community Partners

At CSHC we are proud to partner with community organizations that have goals and a mission similar to ours.